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Call recording and quality monitoring for a theme park

One of the largest theme parks in the Netherlands has its own contact center for booking entrance and accommodation. The voice logging and quality monitoring solution they use are custom designed and realized by Bumicom.

The contact center strives for high customer satisfaction and optimal customer experience in all customer contact. This fits in perfectly with the image of the theme park and is therefore of great importance for the contact center of the park.

Why Bumicom?

The theme park's contact center uses Bumicom's voice logging and quality monitoring (Storavox) solution. They chose this because of agent coaching and complaint handling. The Bumicom quality monitoring solution is a solution with which telephone conversations can be recorded on a selective basis. These can then be evaluated with the Storavox WebCoach. Bumicom has seamlessly integrated the solution with the SIP telephony platform and the umbrella contact center application.

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