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Storavox voice logging, quality monitoring en screen recording solution

Voice logging, quality monitoring and screen recording with Storavox

Bumicom realizes communication solutions using Storavox. Storavox is one of the most flexible recording and quality monitoring solutions on the market. Storavox offers organizations the opportunity to register, archive, play, evaluate and analyze interactions. With Storavox, interactions can be processed that take place via telephone, radio radar or PC.

Storavox voice logging technology

Scalable voice logging solution

Storavox is based on standard server technology, Windows operating systems, generally accepted database platforms, network standards and telephony protocols.

This basis allows Storavox to guarantee flexibility, scalability, continuity, reliability, security and integration into existing (old) IT networks. Storavox supports traditional TDM based and VoIP based communication platforms.

The Storavox platform fits both in a stand-alone environment and in a multi-site environment. A distributed (multi-site) or global solution consists of multiple Storavox servers using the network infrastructure for transparent use and management.

Reliable and secure voice logging system

Storavox reliable and secire voice logging system

The Storavox voice logging platform is of course equipped with extensive security measures against unauthorized use and manipulation of data. Consider the security measures, for example, individual user profiles, encryption, fingerprinting and audit trails. The Storavox voice logging, quality monitoring and screen recording solution is used in contact centers, financial institutions, public order and safety and (air) traffic control, but can also be used in other industries.

More information of Storavox voice logging, quality monitoring and screen recording 

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