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Public safety

Bumicom provides various communication solutions for the public order & security authorities. These agencies mainly use voice logging systems. These are used by the organizations for the registration and analysis of telephone and radio communications from the point of view of security and incident reconstruction. The immediate availability of the recorded calls in the workplace, the last call functionality, can be of vital importance in handling emergency calls. The recorded conversations and conversation data can then be used to reconstruct and evaluate incidents and calamities.

Reliable voice logging from Bumicom

Our reliable voice logging solutions integrate with all known ACD, PABX, arbitration, dispatch and radio communication platforms for recording radio communication, telephone calls, screen operations and related information. Several redundancy concepts are available for very high availability.

For the reliability and security of the call data, all recordings are provided with fingerprints for authentication, so that only authorized persons have access to the recordings. All recordings are also encrypted to prevent manipulation. In addition, access to call recordings is tightly secured. Thanks to these functionalities, Bumicom guarantees a reliable and well-secured system for the voice logging activities of your organization.

Voice logging functionality

Bumicom's voice logging solutions are equipped with search and playback functions. These functionalities guarantee your organization fast and complete reconstruction and analysis of the recorded communication. With the integrated last call functionality, the last calls can be listened to immediately. Integration with existing IT and storage infrastructure (NAS / SAN) prevents high investments. Using the Bumicom communication solutions for the public order and safety authorities, your organization saves unnecessary costs and you use a reliable voice logging solution.

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