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One of the products that Bumicom uses in realizing communication solutions is FlexREC. FlexREC is a recording and quality monitoring solution specially developed for providers and aimed at environments that need to be scalable. FlexREC has been developed to be deployed in (multi-tenant) environments with provisioning and billing functions.

FlexREC interactions

FlexREC offers operators, providers and affiliated organizations the opportunity to process all interactions within the network. The interactions are not only played, recorded and archived, but evaluation and analysis of the interactions is also possible at FlexREC.

The FlexREC engine is based on SIP technology, suitable for Linux or Windows server operating systems, multiple database platforms, network standards and telephony protocols. This enables flexibility, scalability, continuity, reliability, security and integration into existing (old) IT networks when using FlexREC. The FlexREC platform can be used in various infrastructures and architectures. For example, standalone infrastructures / provider architectures and mobile (radio communication) infrastructures / provider architectures are possible.

A distributed (multi-site) solution consists of multiple FlexREC engines using the network infrastructure for transparent use and management.


FlexREC is of course equipped with extensive security measures against unauthorized use and manipulation of data. Some security measures include individual user profiles, encryption, finger printing and audit trails. FlexREC is used, among other things, with fixed and mobile providers, radio communication infrastructures and other large-scale communication infrastructures, but may also be applicable to organizations in other branches.

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