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Interaction analytics

Interaction analytics speech analytics and text analytics

Speech analytics and text analytics with interaction analytics

Interaction analytics (speech analytics and text analytics) makes it possible to obtain the correct and complete information from thousands of telephone calls and textual customer interactions quickly and with high reliability. Getting reliable and complete information quickly is essential for optimizing business processes and monitoring trends.

Nexidia interaction analytics can be used to analyze:

  • Telephone contact by customer
  • Whatsapp messages
  • Chat messages
  • Web chat sessions
  • Instant messaging such as Facebook Messenger
  • E-mail traffic

Omni-channel speech analytics and text analytics from Bumicom gives your organization insight into the customer experience of your products and services without the need for additional market research. After all, customers tell themselves what matters to them during the contact.

Structure in unstructured data with interaction analytics

Unstructured data such as phone calls, chats, e-mail and other digital channels contain valuable information. The insights from the analyzes of these customer interactions contribute to maximizing the set business goals. Input to improve and continuously monitor the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of the processes, systems, people and resources.

Interaction analytics enables the power to search in conversations

All conversations can be listened to through searches, dictionary independent. Everything that is said can be found. This is a different approach than the speech-to-text principle, in which the success of the system depends on the accuracy of the recognition and the almost statically constructed dictionary.

Words from conversations are combined with metadata and this can then be reported on. For example, connections can be made between quantitative parameters such as talk time or waiting time and qualitative parameters such as customer statements. The silence time that is not measured in metadata can also be analyzed with the software. Speech-to-text is also part of our solution as an extra option. This while phonetic indexing really makes the difference.

The value of interaction analytics

Control and focus with interaction analytics

Through the right insights based on complete reality, decisions are better founded and the energy for improvement can also be focused.

Business intelligence with interaction analytics

If you have the metadata from the existing intelligence linked by Bumicom to Nexidia, your organization can obtain insights even more easily.

Analyze Customer experience, Customer journey, Customer focus and Customer satisfaction

Customer interaction analytics to get actionable insights

Interaction analytics speech analytics gives your organization a better picture of the customer experience because, for example, the sentiment and voice of the customer can be analyzed. By knowing how customers really experience the service and service, your organization can take targeted actions for improvement.

Root cause analisis with interaction analytics

Call reason analysis with interaction analytics

Because topics in interactions such as telephone conversations are automatically detected by speech analytics software, they can also be reported automatically. This increases the employability of agents and reduces the administrative burden.

Audit and compliance monitoring

Provide insight into the extent to which laws and regulations and agreements are actually complied with with 100% data. For example, by automatically measuring whether the correct control questions are asked and detecting fraud cases.

Agent performance analysis 

Analytics-driven quality monitoring powered by interaction analytics

An obvious application is quality monitoring for improvement quality of telephone calls. Monitor the KPI's that are important to you and your customers. For example, it is possible to report on language of doubt in all conversations. The agents who use a lot of doubtful language can be coached specifically. To support this theme coaching, we build dashboards that show at a glance which agents fall outside the bandwidth on certain themes. Targeted coaching saves FTEs, increases the effectiveness of coaching and increases the employability of employees who do not need to be coached.

Monitor improvement on important KPI's

Monitor trends with interaction analytics

By using interaction analytics, the unknown causes of repeat traffic, transfer, Average Handling Time (AHT) and silence time within conversations become clear. These insights can be used to improve quality and reduce costs.

Automated incident detection by interaction analytics

Disruptions can be detected near real-time by means of a query on the current telephone calls and guided to the correct processes.

Marketing intelligence monitoring with the power of interaction analytics

How do customers respond to marketing campaigns? How can we better attune to the needs of the customer? These kinds of questions are answered quickly and easily by better business intelligence.

Do you want to use interaction analytics for your organization and can you use Bumicom's support and solutions for this? Get in touch with us. We would be happy to discuss how we can be of service to you.

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