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Managed analytics

Interaction analytics unlocks valuable information from customer interactions. Bumicom offers managed analytics where our interaction analytics team performs analyzes for your organization. With our managed analytics service, we support organizations in carrying out analysis work. The managed analytics service that Bumicom offers your organization includes:

  • Analysis work remote / on location
  • Organize sprints
  • Business implementation
  • Organizational support
  • Prepare custom reports
  • Set up quality monitoring
  • Compile agent performance dashboard

Managed analytics services of Bumicom

The analysts at Bumicom work closely with the employees of your organization to perform analyzes and to share analysis results with them. The next step is to determine what it takes to translate the results into opportunities for improvement within your organization. After implementing improvements, analysts closely monitor impact and trends to measure their success. The Bumicom analysts help you and your employees with:

Better control & focus

Our analysts provide your organization with correct and complete insights. Because your organization has correct insights based on complete reality, decisions are better founded and the energy for improvement can also be focused.

Business intelligence

By linking the data (metadata) from the existing intelligence to Nexidia, insights can be obtained even more easily.

Customer experience, customer journey, customer focus and customer satisfaction

By knowing how customers really experience the service and service (sentiment, voice of the customer), targeted actions can be taken for change and improvement. Your organization can better tailor actions, channels and strategies to the customer journey and the wishes of your customer so that customer satisfaction will increase.

Call reasons

Because topics in interactions such as telephone conversations are automatically detected, they can also be reported automatically. This saves manual actions, which increases the employability of agents and reduces the administrative burden.


Provide insight into the extent to which laws and regulations and agreements are actually complied with with 100% data. For example, by automatically measuring whether the correct control questions are asked and detecting fraud cases.

Agent performance

An obvious application is quality improvement of telephone calls. For example, it is possible to report on language of doubt in all conversations. The agents who use a lot of doubtful language can be coached specifically. To support this theme coaching, we build dashboards that show at a glance which employees fall outside the bandwidth on certain themes. Targeted coaching saves FTEs, increases the effectiveness of coaching and increases the employability of employees who do not need to be coached.

Improvement on important KCC KPIs

The unknown causes of repeat traffic, transfer of Average Handling Time (AHT) and silence time within calls become clear so that quality can be improved and costs can be reduced.

Incident detection

Disruptions can be detected near real-time by means of a query on the current telephone calls and guided to the correct processes.

Marketing intelligence

How do customers respond to marketing campaigns? How can we better attune to the needs of the customer? These kinds of questions are answered quickly and easily by better business intelligence.

The applications of interaction analytics are as broad as the mind can tell. Almost every conceivable hypothesis can be tested relatively quickly. Would you like more information about Bumicom's managed analytics solutions? Get in touch with us. We are happy to discuss with you how we can be of service to you and how we can offer you the best possible Managed Analytics solution.