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Quality monitoring for a contact center

Bumicom is active in providing communication solutions for a large number of customer contact centers. It goes without saying that it is very important for contact centers to record conversations and recordings. For contact centers, this is done from the point of view of compliance, but also for the purpose of training and coaching. Contact center employees often receive training and coaching through quality monitoring systems.

Why Bumicom?

The customer contact center in this case was looking for a new supplier who gave them the opportunity to evaluate telephone calls more efficiently and to provide more structure in coaching and training employees. The package of requirements stated, among other things, that it should be a user-friendly and flexible application that would support the process instead of forcing users to work differently. Bumicom's tailor-made solutions are tailored to the client, so that we met the client's requirements and entered into a fine, successful partnership.

The solution of Bumicom

After Bumicom answered the program of requirements (PvE) extensively and introduced the demo of the Storavox Webcoach quality monitoring application to the client, it became clear that we are the right partner to support them. Webcoach is easy to use, offers many useful possibilities to map the quality in less time and the evaluators have more time to coach the employees to a higher level.

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