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Call recording for a financial institution

Bumicom provides various communication solutions for various financial institutions. This business case concerns a private bank. This private bank is obliged to record all calls from traders so that transaction verification can take place at any time.

Why Bumicom?

The existing communication system of the bank was due for replacement due to the migration to a VoIP telephone exchange. On the recommendation of another bank that has been using Bumicom's Storavox solution for many years and is very satisfied with this, Bumicom was involved in the tendering process for this private bank. After an extensive analysis of the requirements, Bumicom has worked out a suitable solution in full, transparent cooperation with the client. Bumicom's approach, combined with a low Total Cost of Ownership, was the deciding factor for the bank to enter into a successful partnership with us.

The solution of Bumicom

Bumicom has developed a voice logging solution for this client. The voice logging solution provided by Bumicom provides for the private bank the recording and archiving of all incoming, outgoing and internal calls from 64 VoIP phones.

In addition to recording all trader conversations, Bumicom's solution gives all traders of the organization access to their own latest conversations. This has been realized for this project by means of web-based operation with single sign-on based on Active Directory integration. The voice logging solution provides comprehensive security measures. These measures include encryption, fingerprinting and audit trails. In addition, the solution has been adapted to the bank's strict security policy. The (virtual VMWare) server and storage infrastructure is made available by the bank.

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