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Interaction analytics speech analytics for a provider

Bumicom provides a wide range of communication solutions and systems for various providers. The provider discussed in this business case wanted to analyze interactions. They use the analysis of these interactions to get a grip on the quality of the services. In addition, the provider wants more control over processes and wants to collect more information. By gaining more control over the processes and more collected data, the provider can determine what can be done to improve the self-service department and the related communication.

The Bumicom solution

Bumicom has provided the provider with a customized interaction analytics speech analytics system. This interaction analytics speech analytics solution makes it possible for the provider to have daily insight into all kinds of relevant topics and to act appropriately. Different departments are fed with the subjects to be improved. With the interaction analytics application, the provider is able to monitor trends so that they can determine whether the improvement leads to the desired trend and how they can maintain it.

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