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Video Recording

H.264 video recording system

Video Recording concerns the recording of video signals which can be used for various purposes by organizations. The signals of the video recordings take place directly from video cameras (for example CCTV), video servers, conference systems and Unified Communications platforms.

Organizations have the opportunity to use the video recordings to reconstruct incidents and capture video images for compliance, among other things. When recording from a compliance point of view, think for example of the recording of remote consultations.

For the sake of completeness of recordings, it is possible to play the Video Recording recordings in combination with other recording forms. For example, the Video Recordings can be played synchronously with recordings of telephone conversations, radio conversations, ambient audio and screen recordings.

Storavox H.264 recording solution

Recording of H.264 streams

With the Video Recording solutions from Bumicom, recording of H.264 streams is possible. The Bumicom Video Recording solution offers the recording of H.264 streams from video cameras (CCTV), Video Servers, conference systems or a Unified Communications platform.

Control of H.264 recording

H.264 video streams can be controlled in several ways:

  • Control based on the offered video signal
  • Continuous control of the H.264 streams
  • Control in combination with the voice signal to be recorded (eg telephone conversation)
  • Control based on a pre-adjustable time schedule
  • Control by means of an external trigger (speech signal, CTI event, application)

For privacy or PCI-DSS standards, you can choose to pause or stop Video Recording when the situation demands it.

Are you interested in Video Recording and are you curious about the solutions Bumicom can offer your organization? Or would you like more information about the recording of H.264 streams and their control? Get in touch with us. We would be happy to discuss how we can be of service to you.