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Recording of other data

Many contact center environments and traffic control centers work with multiple systems and data sources. When handling customer contact or incidents, data is recorded in, for example, a customer contact system, CRM system or incident management system.

Recording solutions for other data

It is possible to enrich recordings with data from external sources and make the other data accessible in the recording solution. For other data, think for example of specific data such as a Customer ID or a Case ID. This data can be used to link recording files to customer files or incidents so that these files, files and / or incidents can be documented as completely as possible. By linking the other data to files, files and / or incidents, it becomes easier to search for relevant Recording files since it is also possible to search based on these other data, for example Case ID or Customer ID.

Interaction Analytics for other data

A second option for making other data accessible is to import the recording and other data into an Interaction Analytics solution. The remaining data can then be used to (hard) filter on a set of Recording files for a specific analysis. The Bumicom team has extensive knowledge and expertise to match other relevant data with Recording files and to add them correctly to the database. Other data forms useful information for the user and makes searching and analyzing easier. More information about Interaction Analytics? Click here.

The external data sources can be linked via different APIs (XML / SOAP, http requests or custom APIs) of the Recording Systems.

Multiple integrations are available, including for Salesforce, Active Directory and Cisco Finesse.

Are you facing a recording challenge in which you have to make other data accessible? Then you can use Bumicom's support and solutions. Get in touch with us. We are happy to discuss with you how we can be of service to you and how we can offer you the best possible Recording solution for your challenge.