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Radar recording

Radar Recording concerns the recording of radar signals. Bumicom makes it possible for organizations to record two types of radar signals: Through The Wall and At The Glass. Through The Wall recording, also known as TTW recording, concerns the recording of the original radar signal. With recordings of At The Glass signals, or ATG recording, it concerns the recording of the displayed radar image at operating stations.

The recordings of radar signals can be used by organizations to reconstruct any incidents.

Through The Wall Recording

For the recording of TTW, Through The Wall, radar signals, Bumicom offers solutions and support for ASTERIX radar data formats. The radar signals can then be presented serially or via LAN.

Radar At The Glass Recording

At The Glass recording is a form of recording that is ideal for use in (air) traffic control centers. At At The Glass recording, Bumicom uses non-intrusive physical screen recording units in its solutions. These recording units support VGA, DVI and Display Port signals with all resolutions, including 4K screens. In addition, the recording units provide lossless compression for optimal quality of the At The Glass recordings of your organization.

In its Radar Recording solutions, Bunicom also takes into account the recording of H.264 signals from Screen Recording Devices. At Bumicom, H.264 these signals are of course also supported.

Control of Radar Recording

Radar Recording can be controlled in several ways:

  • Continuous control of Radar Recording
  • Control based on a pre-adjustable time schedule

In addition, Bumicom offers solutions in which we offer systems an API for Radar Playback integration.

Are you facing a Radar Recording challenge and can you use Bumicom's support and solutions? Or would you like more information about Through The Wall recording or At The Glass recording? Get in touch with us. We would be happy to discuss with you how we can assist you and how we can offer you the best possible Radar Recording solution for your challenge.