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Screen recording

Screen recording or screen capture concerns the recording of screens in which all screen operations are recorded when using applications and displayed images. This can be still images, screenshots, but is mainly interesting for moving images, video images from screens.

The recordings can be used for a wide variety of purposes. For example, the recordings can be used to coach your employees and incidents can be reconstructed by means of the recordings. In addition, the recordings provide the opportunity to record all communication to and from your organization from a compliance point of view, possibly including chats, e-mail and screen sharing.

The Screen Recording recordings can be played in sync with recordings of telephone calls, radio calls, ambient audio and video recordings.

Recording screen operations

The recording of moving images from a screen, screen operations, is supported for workstations, so-called 'fat clients' and by 'thin clients' such as Citrix and Terminal Services.

Another form of Screen Recording is "At The Glass Recording". This is a form of recording that is mainly used for recording screens and radar screens in (air) traffic control centers. "At The Glass Recording" takes place with non-intrusive physical screen recording units. These recording units support VGA, DVI and Display Port signals with all resolutions (including 4K screens) and offer lossless compression for optimal quality.

Recording of H.264 signals from Screen Recording Devices is of course also supported.

Control of screen recording

The above forms of screen recording can be controlled in several ways:

  • Continuous control
  • Control in combination with the voice signal to be recorded (eg telephone conversation)
  • Control based on a pre-adjustable time schedule
  • Control by means of an external trigger (speech signal, CTI event, application)

For privacy or PCI-DSS standards, it is possible to choose to pause or stop screen recording when the situation demands it.

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