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Mitel call recording

Mitel call recording

Mitel MiVoice call recording

Bumicom Storavox Mitel call recording solution is the ideal MiVoice call recording solution for Mitel. Storavox records telephone conversations via Mitel Border Gateway (MBG) / Secure Recording Connector (SRC). 

Mitel Secure Recording Connector

Mitel SRC call recording

The Storavox recording method for Mitel uses the Mitel MBG / SRC for central recording of Mitel extensions. Storavox records the calls from the perpective of the agent.

Storavox records and arhives all incoming, outgoing and internal calls. The Storavox call recorder registers the Mitel DN so it is also supports recording of Mitel ACD agents and hot desking.

What metadata will be archived?

Available recording metadata for filtering:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Duration
  • Extension ID (DN = agent by hot desking)
  • CLI (number of caller, if available)
  • DDI (chosen number)
  • Call direction (inkoming, outgoning or internal)
  • Mitel Global Call ID

Record and archive calls with Storavox Mitel call recording 

The recorded audio is stored in proprietary files and encrypted using AES-256 bit encryption technology. A SHA-2 fingerprint is added to guarantee authenticity. Export (also bulk export) in open format (like .wav or .MP3) is one of the features which can be interesing to feed a speech analytics solution.

Information Mitel MiVoice call recording

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