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MCPTT Recording

MCPTT recording Mission Critical Push-to-Talk recording

Mission Critical Push-to-Talk (MCPTT) recording solution

With MCPTT recording (Mission Critical Push-to-Talk recording) you can communicate quickly via voice and chat. With MCPTT recording it is also possible to share audio, photo or video information. MCPTT recording offers the solution for coordinated group actions where real-time speech communication and fast exchange of high-quality information - such as the locations of your employees - is essential.

What is Mission Critical Push-to-Talk (MCPTT)?

About Mission Critical Push-To-Talk en MCPTT recording

Mission Critical Push-to-Talk (MCPTT) makes it possible to establish a direct voice connection with a group or individual over the mobile operator's 4G and / or 5G network at the touch of a button. MCPTT makes it possible to communicate directly with another MCPTT user or several other MCPTT users. Using MCPTT provides essential time savings for organizations by eliminating the need to make calls or wait for a connection. Mission Critical Push-To-Talk contributes to the efficiency in the work processes of organizations. Mission Critical Push-To-Talk also offers excellent call quality.

Bumicom MCPTT recording system

Robust MCPTT recording sytem

With the Bumicom MCPTT recording system, all MCPTT communication is recorded in a safe and robust manner. Recording communication in this way contributes to the high user-friendliness of our MCPTT recording system. For example, in the Bumicom MCPTT recording system it is possible to quickly listen to the last conversation or to reconstruct the handling of an incident.

The Bumicom MCPTT recording solution FlexREC is suitable for the Motorola WAVE (Kodiak) communication platform.

Bumicom MCPTT recording solutions:

  • Single server solution
  • Server solution in a redundant setup
  • Multi-site setup for geo-redundancy with cross connection
  • Multi-Tenant

The FlexREC MCPTT recording solution also supports PTX Recording for the MCPTT recording of text messages, photos, video and other text messages, images, video and other file types.

Information about MCPTT recording solutions

Are you interested in MCPTT recording solutions for your organization and are you curious about the solutions that Bumicom can offer? Get in touch. We would be happy to discuss with you how we can be of service to you.