Service & support


The Bumicom service department consists of a team of experienced engineers. The engineers of our service department have extensive knowledge and experience of Bumicom's communication solutions. They perform service and maintenance on the recording, voice logging, quality monitoring or interaction analytics systems.

Troubleshooting at Bumicom

The Bumicom team is also available to solve unexpected problems. If unexpected problems arise with a system or platform, Bumicom will solve them for you. We will start a search for the cause of the problem and then solve the problem and make your communication system fully operational again.

Depending on the situation, Bumicom's engineers can carry out the troubleshooting work remotely or at your location. Our engineers have the right knowledge and expertise to provide the necessary service remotely and on location to quickly and adequately solve any problems.

24/7 support

The Bumicom service team is available every day for all our clients. They can of course be reached during office hours, but also beyond. Bumicom provides its clients with excellent service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Where the solutions we provide for companies and organizations are indispensable.

Would you like more information about troubleshooting and Bumicom's focus on solutions? Or are you curious about what Bumicom's communication solutions can mean for your organization? Please contact us directly. We are happy to discuss how we can be of service to you.

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