Service & support

Professional services

Bumicom has a team of software developers with extensive experience and knowledge. Our software developers are ready to provide custom solutions for Bumicom's voice logging, quality monitoring and interaction analytics solutions. Where necessary, they adapt the systems entirely to the wishes and requirements of your organization. Think of customer-specific CTI, CRM or last call repeat integrations.

Custom service from Bumicom

Bumicom has been active in the field of communication and recording solutions for decades. Over the years we have completed countless projects. Customization plays a major role in many of our projects.

Some examples of custom integrations that the Bumicom team has delivered in recent years:

  • Radar replay synchronization
  • Video / CCTV replay synchronization
  • Last call repeat integration for trading turrets and PC operations
  • Signal conversion and forwarder for third party VoIP to ED137
  • Last call repeat via analog and SIP telephones
  • Billing and reporting interface for a provider
  • Audio over IP streaming for transmitting remote audio signals
  • Provisioning interface for automatic setting of telephone numbers to be recorded and user creation
  • Importers / extractors for embedding Social Media, chat, E-mail and other text-based sources for interaction analytics
  • Interface for the integration of alarms with external security management systems
  • Interface for the bulk import of recordings and metadata from an external recording system
  • An interface for the bulk export of recordings and metadata to an external recording system or interaction analytics platform
  • Customer specific reports and dashboards
  • Customer specific dashboards for compliance analytics
  • Integration with intercom and PA systems for use in wet and dry traffic centers Ambient audio recording for use in control rooms, air traffic control centers, correctional facilities and meeting rooms
  • Web application firewall and reverse proxy
  • Integration with robotic process automation for PCI compliance
  • CRM / ERP integrations with SalesForce, DECOS and many other packages
  • Encapsulated RSPAN solution for transferring remote offered VoIP / SPAN traffic to a centrally located Recording platform
  • Customer specific implementation of AVG / GDPR measures, based on IVR opt-in
  • Customer specific dashboard for monitoring the system status, alarms and events
  • Ruggedized recording servers for intervention vehicles, oil rigs, ships, trains and aircraft

Would you like more information about Bumicom's professional services and custom integrations? Or are you curious about what Bumicom can do for your organization? Get in touch with us directly. We are happy to discuss how we can be of service to you.