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Bumicom offers consultancy services. If your organization wishes to receive extra and / or continuous support, you can rely on these consultancy services. If your organization wants to use these services, Bumicom will be happy to coordinate the consultancy needs with your organization. We do this so that our consultant knows what is expected and what the partnership within your organization will look like.

Consultancy services at Bumicom

Bumicom offers consultancy services for recording, quality monitoring and interaction analytics solutions. Our consultants can support your organization in the following areas:

  • Operational management
  • Functional management
  • Change management
  • Managed Quality monitoring
  • Managed Interactions Analytics
  • Managed Speech Analysis
  • Managed Text analysis

How can Bumicom support your organization?

Bumicom's consultancy services are very diverse because we support our clients in various areas, exactly where they need us. Consultancy can, for example, consist of a conversation about a recording, quality monitoring or interaction analytics issue that plays a role within your organization.

Some examples to which our consultants can answer your organization are:

  • What should be included and for what purpose?
  • What kind of communication environment is it?
  • What does the architecture look like?
  • What number of channels / agents / workplaces are involved?
  • What is the desired / required retention period?
  • Which KPIs are important to you and your organization?
  • Etc.

Quality monitoring consultancy

In addition to consultancy services for recording, quality monitoring and interaction analytics issues, Bumicom also offers consultancy in the field of quality monitoring. Questions such as "how do you map quality based on a quality monitoring application with evaluation forms?" Can be answered by our consultants.

Management consultancy

Finally, Bumicom also offers consultancy services if your organization wants support with issues regarding the management of communication solutions and systems.

Would you like more information about Bumicom's consultancy service? Or are you curious about what Bumicom's communication solutions can mean for your organization? Get in touch with us. We are happy to assist you.

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