Service & support

Bumicom Helpdesk is 24/7 available!

The Bumicom helpdesk focuses on providing service, support, maintenance and management of voice logging, recording, quality monitoring and interaction analytics systems for clients. Our helpdesk employees are available for you during office hours, but also before and afterwards.

Available 24/7

The Bumicom helpdesk is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via one central fault number, so that we can provide excellent service to our clients at all times.

Does your organization suffer from a malfunction? Report this malfunction to our helpdesk. After reporting the malfunction, it is immediately registered and you will be answered quickly and competently by the appropriate expert, after which we will improve the situation as quickly and as quickly as possible. The Bumicom service department has experienced and well-trained employees. All helpdesk employees have the right knowledge, experience and expertise to support you and your organization where necessary.

Helpdesk for support

Bumicom has its own help desk team whose employees are in possession of the VCA certificate. The Bumicom helpdesk department uses a ticket tool for the registration of service requests, so everything is registered and ensures a complete and error-free processing of service requests. In addition, a service management tool and tool are used for planning purposes. Both tools are used to monitor and monitor service reports. Together with the configuration management system, we ensure that our service engineers always have complete and correct information, regardless of their location.

Do you want direct contact with a Bumicom employee? Or are you curious about the many communication solutions from Bumicom and what they can mean for your organization? Get in touch with us. We are happy to help you.

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